SUMMARY: Sun 3/60 memory

From: Alastair Young (
Date: Thu Nov 07 1991 - 14:54:55 CST

The replies from the net suggested that what I was doing should work and
to reseat the SIMMS. NB the jumpers should be connected for all banks in
use. I connected the 8Mb jumper and it saw 8Mb. likewise 12Mb. 16Mb failed,
so I reseated the top 4 SIMMS. It still failed. I replaced the top four.
It booted with 16MB. I put the suspect SIMMS in the next bank and conected
the 20Mb jumper. It booted cleanly with 20Mb. Wierd.

Thanks for help to

"Anthony A. Datri" <>

and someone else who I deleted :-)

Alastair Young
Systems Supervisor

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