SUMMARY: Openwindows - 'clock' problem

From: Ze'ev Wurman (
Date: Fri Nov 08 1991 - 23:02:52 CST

Few days ago I sent the following query:

>> Since few days ago (possibly since the PDT/PST change) the
>> openwindows' clock application stopped displaying the date in the
>> title bar, and no seconds hand is available even when invoked with the
>> -seconds option explicitly. It did have both before.
>> The 'properties' menu is greyed-out too, and therefore inaccessible.
>> Nothing changed in the system as far as I know :-)

And the answer is: Pilot error.

Basically, I somehow deleted the .clockrc file in my home directory.
Trying to set the properties manually, I clicked in the *title bar area*
of the clock window and got the OpenWindow menu that has the 'properties'
greyed out (an old OW bug). What I should have done is to click on the
*actual window* to bring up the 'properties' menu of the clock, and set
the display attributes.

Anyway, the same things can be achieved by editing the ~/.clockrc file; it
has 3 fields on one line, white space separated.


Where X=0 ==>digital, X=1 ==> analog.
      Y=0 ==>no seconds, Y=1 ==> seconds display
      Z=0 ==>no date, Z=1 ==> date display

I wish the man page was better written :-)

Thanks to Antonis Kyriazis <> for the relevant excerpt
from the answerbook, although it was not the problem here.

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