PRE-SUMMARY: spurious le0: no carrier messages

From: Brendan Kehoe (
Date: Fri Nov 08 1991 - 21:22:01 CST

 I will have a real summary on Monday; the consensus is it's either:

        * heavy traffic on the network
        * the clips for the AUI cable are loose
        * the ethernet chip on the board may be choking
        * something else on the network is hitting it with traffic

 A bridge across campus was misconfigured around the same time these
messages started; since it's been fixed, they've stopped. I'd wager
that was the cause.

 My thanks to everyone; and I'll have a better summary of the mail on Monday.

Brendan Kehoe, Sun Network Manager            
Widener University                                                 Chester, PA
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        powerful box, has demos galore---like Emacs doing the Towers of Hanoi.

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