SUMMARY: hypercard s/w

From: Dave Mitchell (
Date: Fri Nov 08 1991 - 05:22:34 CST

My original question was:

> Does anyone know of a product that runs on sparcs that is similar
> to Hypercard on macs?

> It would have to be VERY similar, so that s/w written under
> hypercard can be directly ported.

A couple of people suggested using HyperNeWS, this is available by
anon ftp from


Unfortunately it is similar to, but not the same as, hypercard -
for example, the scripts it generates are in postscript, so it's
not suitable for my purposes. Ah well.
        Still, it looks like a very nice package, and I would
recommend anyonw whose thinking about doing things with NeWS
to take a closer look.

Thanks to:

Sheryl Coppenger <sheryl@edu.gwu.seas>
Pierre Laplante <laplante@ca.umontreal.iro>

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