SUMMARY: FORTRAN routine for CPU time

Date: Fri Nov 08 1991 - 13:32:22 CST

My original enquiry was about a FORTRAN routine giving the elapsed
CPU time on a Sparcstation.

The most obvious (and useful) answer was from Michael Pearlman
<>, who pointed out that in the Sun Fortran Library
there are two routines (etime and dtime) which do the job.
They are reported in the Sun FORTRAN Programmer's Guide
(if everything else fails, read the handbook!).
The resolution on my Sparc 2 is 1/100 seconds and the results
can vary by 0.01-0.02 seconds when the same program is run
another time.

Matt Crawford <> gave me a C routine (callable
from Fortran) that has the same accuracy.

Thanks also to David Fetrow <>


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