Re: SUMMARY: Where is /etc/cshrc?

Date: Mon Nov 11 1991 - 20:03:23 CST

ken@sugra.uucp (Kenneth Ng) writes:
> Where I work the upper management required a global execution method, but
> refused to use /bin/sh. What we just got working today is a real hatchet
> job. In /etc/passwd all occurances of '/bin/sh' are changed to
> '.../signon-sh' and '/bin/csh' changed to '.../signon-csh'. This program
> checks the line you came from and prompts for a 'network password' if it
> determines you are coming from the outside (something else Sun said couldn't
> be done). It then runs a global shell program so that we can run things on
> a global basis, like have a version of /etc/motd that is dependent on the
> group the person is in. Lastly, the program execs /bin/sh if it ends with
> '-sh' or /bin/csh if it ends in '-csh'. Sun is becoming more and more
> of a disappointment as I find I have to do more and more stuff in spite
> of what Sun is doing. And I thought that AT&T was bad with SYSV.

Hmmm, similar, tho' vague, sentiment.
And of course 5 will be *both* - have a nice day.
There is always the possibility that the two of them have come up with something
sensible.....isn't there?

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