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> We have a dozen Sun 3 machines running 4.0.3 & 4.1.1 all networked together
> with ethernet. We also have a few dozen PC's running DOS 5.0 & Windows 3.0
> networked together with ethernet. On the PC's were are using Wollengong's
> Pathway Software (ie ftp, telnet). I would like the PCs users to be able
> to access their unix mail without having to resort to starting a telnet
> session.
> Does anyone know of a product for DOS & Windows that will allow PC users
> to send and receive mail to/from unix users and to/from PC users. If it
> runs SMTP and/or POP-2 protocols over ethernet that would be great. I already
> talked to the "experts" at MicroSoft and they are completely clued out.

Thank you all out there I must have received close to a hundred replies so
I will not list the names of all those replied.

Below are the names of companys and their software:
The popmail software from looks the most
promising with the Wollongong software. The overall favourite is Lifeline
provided of course you have PC-NFS from Sun Microsystems.


FTP corp


Beame & Whiteside Software Ltd.
259 Fiddler's Green Road
Ancaster, Ontario
Canada, L9G 1W9


PC-NFS LifeLine (from Sun Microsystems).


popmail from


We're currently working on porting Eudora from the Mac environment to PCs
for both DOS and Windows. A group at Brown University is working on a
similar project. I believe that a group at UMinn is also at work on this.
Both we and Brown have target release dates of mid-December. It looks like
we'll have a beta version by then.
We're using FTPPack as our TCP/IP network kernel. Transport protocols are
SMTP and POP3 (not 2).

Try POPmail from It is a PC based
POP2/POP3 client. You will need a UNIX based POP server but there
are lots of them floating around.

We are experimenting with POP3 server from Berkerley and POP2 client
from U. of Minnesota. POP3 server is running on our Sparc SS2. POP2 client
runs from PC. It has a pretty easy interface to use. You can get the
pop2 client from POP3 is from

Andy Toy, Systems Manager
Department of Computing Services
Mortice Kern Systems Inc. +1-519-884-2251
35 King Street North, Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA N2J 2W9


ISA is in the process of developing a NEW mailer for processing
electronic mail on networks. For lack of anything better, it is
presently called "imua" the "intelligent mail user agent". If you can
think of a better name, we would be interested in hearing from you!

Imua is has been designed and implemented to be as independent as
possible from operating system, display, and network protocols. We have
achieved this by building driver libraries for the OS and displays, and
using Mark Crispin's c-client drivers for MAP (Mail Access Protocol)

Using this strategy, we are planning an initial version, to be released
mid January 1992 that will support:

 OS - Unix, DOS
 Displays - X11 (R4, R5, Openlook, Motif), MS Windows v3
 Protocols - IMAP, POP, BSD message store via the c-client

The DOS version of the c-client will support all of the major DOS TCP/IP
stack implementations. The preferred stack (first to be developed) will
be Beame & Whiteside BWTCP.

Subsequent versions (not scheduled yet) will support

 OS - OS/2, MS Windows/NT, MacOS, VMS
 Displays - Presentation Manager, Mac, curses
 Protocols - X.419?

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