SUMMARY: "pl" and "pw" options in /etc/printcap

From: CH Chua {CSA Malaysia} (
Date: Fri Nov 15 1991 - 02:54:36 CST

My original message:


Dear Sun-Managers,

Could someone please tell me whether they have used the page-length
(pl) and page-width (pw) options in /etc/printcap with success?
If so, would appreciate you sharing your experience with me.

I have been trying (without any success) to set the options
for a variety of serial printers connected to Sun.

Here is one typical entry:-

It reached a point where I thought the problem was with the
printer but when I moved it to a PC, it works just fine from
softwares like WP and WS.

I am using just "lpr", no fancy stuff.

Thanks and I will summarize all responses.

- CHChua CSA Malaysia



The response from a few people was that you will need a filter
before the "pl" and "pw" options will work.

The options get passed into a filter specified by the "if=" entry,
i.e. filter -w<width> -l<length> .

In the process of writing such a filter now.

Thanks to:

- Chua

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