3rd party IPI drives: the summary

From: Jeff Bacon (bacon@mtu.edu)
Date: Tue Nov 19 1991 - 02:17:02 CST

I got a few postings from some IPI-type people, and did some research
of my own. Here's the results. Or at least a sleepy resemblance of them.

This is what sun is currently selling (both seagate):

911MB: just a basic ST81154K Sabre-5 2HP (15msec/8.33msec/6.0MB-sec).

1.3GB: this is a zone-bit-recorded Elite-1 that isn't available out
seagate's front door yet. (11.5msec/5.56msec/3.0MB-sec) (btw, Dan,
the ZBR drive is still a 24MHz drive, so it doesn't transfer any faster
than the normal one :( ) These are only available for the 4/490. This
appears to be simply an enclosure problem - the 4/470 can only mount 8"
drives (without some help, that is).

other drives I found to buy: sabre-5, 6, 7, 7-2HP, Elite-1, and a couple
of fujitsu drives. I have stats on all of them, available on request.
(you can also talk to your own vendor, the preferred method. though
I won't lie to you to sell a drive.)

People are definitely using Sabre-6's. No one admitted to using -7's,
but I can't see why they wouldn't work.


Using an Elite-1 in a 4/470: again the only thing to deal with is the mounting and the power. Sun used to spec a special shielded cable to be used for their Elite-1's; this is what's seen in the price book. According to my sun engineer, though, this is no longer necessary. Just whip yourself up a DB50<->50-pin ribbon cable and plug 'er in.

As far as power goes...the Elite has special power requirements. Seagate sells a 110/220V power supply attachment, or you might be able to cobble up a cord to plug into the sun's power supply. I don't have power specs on it, so you're on your own here. If you have one of those 4/470's with the little yellow stickers on the power supply plugs saying you can't drive over two drives, you probably want to call sun and get the upgraded power supply (don't have a part number, but I have the new power supply :) ).

as to whether this is worth anyone's bother to do...well, if you want more spindles cheap...you can get elites for pretty cheap. I shall say no more.


There is a firmware upgrade available for the ISP-80. You'll find it listed in the Sun price book under "External Expansion Options" for the 4/490, part # X2080A. It's $50, and you probably want to get it. You will definitely need it to drive the Elites. No one has definitely said that it's needed for running the larger Sabres, but for $50, it seems like a good idea to get one anyway, and it probably is necessary.

I'll probably give my sun dude a ring on that last to be sure.


Here, we've decided to pick up a Saber-7. real big, fast transfer, fast HDA, 8" form so we don't have to screw around with mounting/power. We're also getting the firmware upgrade. It's too cheap to pass up. I would have liked to have the two spindles that two elites would have gotten, but it's been deemed the hardware hassle isn't worth it.

of course I ended up getting more cries for help than real info. hey, that's life. thanks to those that contributed useful info/discussion. -- | Jeffery Bacon General Systems Hack, Computing Technology Services | | bacon@mtu.edu Michigan Technological University | | bacon@mtus5.bitnet ph-(906)487-2110 fax-(906)487-2787 |

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