SUMMARY: OPENWIN3.0 -- where is Pageview?

From: Jeff Tozer (
Date: Wed Nov 20 1991 - 12:26:01 CST

Thanks to the following for responding to my
question last week:

Joe Backo Steve Hanson
Steve Grandi Mike Sullivan
Celeste Stokely Charlie Dennett
David Rich uunet!TC.Cornell.EDU!eirik

Pageview is indeed found in $OPENWINHOME/bin and the
manual pages in $OPENWINHOME/man. It has been enhanced
in two ways that was immediately observable to me:

        1) A means of selecting an arbitary page in the
            PostScript file being viewed has been added

        2) It can rasterize a whole lot more flavors of
            PostScript files.

For those of you who may need to view Macintosh generated
graphics files, I have been able to view all of the following
with no errors:

        1) Older laserprep postscript files that have been
            processed with macps
        2) The new System 7 PostScript files (Apple Dict 71)
        3) Aldus FreeHand EPS
        4) Canvas 3.0 EPSF
        5) MacDraw Pro EPSF

Aside from not mentioning the tool in the printed documentation,
I think Sun (or the appropriate subsidiary) has done a terrific

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