SUMMARY: Re: Discussion panels at SUG?

From: Steve Simmons (
Date: Wed Nov 20 1991 - 22:06:40 CST

A summary? What the heck is this, sun-managers?

My big flame got some interesting response. There only two posted
followups, both of which I can quote:

  Bob Sutterfield: "amen"
  Jon Gilbert Wright: "And again, Amen"

OK, Wright added another two sentences about OpenWindow lack of
compatibility with anything including earlier editions of itself.

I also got 12 mail messages, the most I've ever received from a
posting. 12 out of 12 agreed with me, though one wrote some
interesting defences of some of the current Sun practices.

More interesting was *who* the responses were from. I won't give names
without permission, but lets see how descriptive we can be without
giving away the store. The numbers won't add to fourteen because some
of these folks wear more than one hat and some "just plain folk"
responded. The "Big Name" group included:

Two members of the Sun User Group board of directors, three magazine
editors, three columnists, one member of the USENIX board of directors,
three past chairmen or committee members of the USENIX conference or
the USENIX Large Installation System Administration Conference (and I'm
not counting me in that group), and one SPARC clone maker (who can be
summarized with "if you think *you've* got it bad, you should see how
Sun treats US!"). A number of these folks asked if they could quote me.

Two people wrote to tell me how wonderful Silicon Graphics was and to
cite them as proof that you *can* provide good service. Thank God,
an existance proof.

And a NeXT salesman wrote to ask what it would take to gain my support.

	``How can you just say `No' to bugs?''
		"Killer Bees", Gunnar Madsen/Richard Greene

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