Re: Can't run Openwin apps under X11R5 *** Summary ***

From: Paul T. Root (
Date: Mon Nov 25 1991 - 11:43:14 CST

My original posting:

> On all of our Sparcs running SunOS 4.1.x we have X11R5 running,
> and olwm or olvwm as a window manager. We want to start non-NeWS
> based xview applications such as filemgr and cm, but they won't start
> up. The give the error:
> not found

Thanks to all who replied. A few of the responses suggested that if our
/usr/openwin was a symbolic link, to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the real
directory, as doesn't follow symbolic links. That isn't our
problem, since we have the directory really at /usr/openwin.

Another suggested compiling the openwindows sources with R5. This won't
work since, libXt has changed, but a good thought.

The third responce was that ld had a bug, and that you could pick up
the fix (100107-06) from in pub/ and

The shell script demonstrates the error. That made me go to the Sun
bug list and I found 100257-03, which is a jumbo-patch for,
ldd and ldconfig.

I believe this to be the solution. I'll post again if it doesn't work..

Thanks again to all....


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