Postscript printer SUMMARY

From: Stephen Walton (
Date: Tue Nov 26 1991 - 14:28:29 CST

A while back I posted some questions about PD software and advice for
hooking up a PostScript printer, specifically an HP LaserJet III with
Pacific Page cartridge, to a Sun for use as the spooled printer.
Two people, one from NOAO whose message I've now lost and Michael
Genenbach of FORWISS Passau in Germany, pointed me at the lprps
package, posted last summer to comp.sources.misc. I have this package
installed and running right now, and it works fine. I also have the
a2ps package from comp.sources.misc, which produces very nicely formatted
text at two pages per sheet. Both replies also posted me at groff for
formatting troff documents on the printer; that's my next acquisition.
Thanks to all who responded.

Stephen Walton, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Cal State Univ. Northridge
 "Anyone who remembers the sixties probably wasn't there."---Robin Williams

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