SUMMARY: cheap 9600 baud modem available

From: Ajay Shah (
Date: Sat Nov 30 1991 - 22:45:52 CST

A few days ago, I posted this question:

I got a catalog from Damark recently. It contains this external

        - Brand name Okidata
        - fully Hayes compatible
        - auto answering
        - dialing pre-programmed numbers
        - 9600 baud: 110, 300, 1200 or 2400, 4800 or 9600 bits/s in full duplex
        - MNP levels 2 thru 5
        - Shares a line with your phone
        - Compatible with: V.32 with V.42bis., Bell System (Western
                Electric) 212A and 103 modems as well as Hayes AT
                commands and registers
        - factory new

Bottom line: $269 + 8.5 for S&H. Which sounds very good to me.

Is there a catch in this spec, as far as you can tell? I know
little about modems, but expect to need a 9600 baud modem soon.
I will need to hook it up into a PC right now and a Sun later
(yes, I'm moving up in life). Will there be any hassles making
Unix deal with this modem? Through Unix, it'll be used for
dialing up and for UUCP.

Since then I've got around 15 replies. Most of them said "sounds
great to me; tell me more!". One reply warned me as follows:

From: (Julian Macassey)

        Yes, it will work with a Sun. But unless you are going to have
the Sun only talk with MS-DOG machines, you will find it can't talk
very well to other Unix machines (Except at V.22Bis -2400 Baud). Unix
machines use Telebit Trailblazers talking PEP, not V.32

        Plus, the modem may have configuration problems causing much
grief. If you really want V.32, get a name brand modem. It costs more,
but frustrates less.

For the rest it looks great. I placed an order today. The
t.number is 800-729-9000 and the order number for this modem is

I now have questions. In the short run, I will use this modem
to dialup into USC Unix systems with a 386 PC (I know USC modems
support MNP 5 and V32 with v42bis). Do I need any special software
to make the best of it? Or will mere procomm/kermit do fine?
Are there config files to setup for these? Version numbers on
the software I need to lookout for?

I've never been able to make a download work with procomm. Is
this a known problem, or a glitch in my version+setup?



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