RE: disk list summary.

From: Donald McLachlan (
Date: Sat Nov 30 1991 - 12:39:15 CST

This looks like a good list to keep/pass around for those format.dat FAQ's.
I think the vlaues for the Fujitsu M2266SA should be changed though.

Now The technical handbook (FS810125-01...B) lists

        Number of cylinders 1658 + 1 + 2
        (user + CE + SA) (*2)
*2 The number of user cylinders indicates the maximum and includes the
        alternate cylinder. The number of user cylinders and alternate
        cylinders can be specified during formatting.

We chose to have 2 alternate cylinders and so formatted with cyl = 2, alt = 2.
The manual also shows

        Unformatted Capacity / Track 50910 Bytes
*1 The formatted capacity can be changed by changing the logical
        block length and using spare sector space.

Not knowing how much space should be left for inter-record gaps etc we
set this to 84 (which our vendor recommends). What should this be?

Based on the above info I think the entry should read ...

Fujitsu SCSI 2266SA 1656 1661 15 84 3600

Trying to squeeze out every last byte ... Don

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