SUMMARY: hooking up a cg3/cg4 to video...

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Date: Tue Nov 26 1991 - 15:06:19 CST

sorry about the late summary, i've moved...

my original query:

> i'm trying to hook a cg3/cg4 framebuffer output to some sort of video
> projector/large screen monitor. has anyone done this before? also,
> what are the horizontal scan frequencies of the cg3/cg4 outputs?

the responses were few enough that i've appended the relevant parts.
thanks to:

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Here, at the Delft University of Technology (EE Dep.), we use a
Sony 1270 VP type to do big screen video projection. We drive it
from both SUN and H-P workstations. Works without any problem ....

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     We project all sorts of Suns & other high-res. equipment. We use a
Barco ceiling-mount projector. They make several styles, depending on your
requirements, including a "portable" back-projection unit. It's about the
size of a chest of drawers, but it has the advantages of being sort of
portable, and always adjusted correctly since its screen is built-in.

     I think the CG4 frame buffer works at 67hz. vertical, and 62.5Khz.
horizontal. The CG6 works at the same rates, but I'm not sure about the

                                               - Dave Edwards
                                                 MITRE Corp
If I remember right, the H scan frequency is 66Khz or so. We have an
Electrohome projection system that works. It may not be the best these days.
Might want to check out Hitachi or NEC.

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