[SUMMARY] Patches 100260-01 and 100330-02 conflict

From: Charles H. Buchholtz (chip@eniac.seas.upenn.edu)
Date: Tue Dec 03 1991 - 21:07:13 CST

My original request:
>A while ago I applied patch 100260-01 to our 4/490 running 4.1.1.
>This patch replaced the file /sys/sun4/OBJ/if_ie.o.

>We have been having problems with large processes hanging, and Sun
>recommended that we install "The Jumbo Patch", version 2, which is
>100330-02. This patch also replaces the file /sys/sun4/OBJ/if_ie.o.
>The three versions of if_ie.o are indeed different, and neither patch
>mentions the other in it's README.

Chris Drake (Chris.Drake@Corp.Sun.COM) very quickly provided the
necessary information. It seems that 100260-01 (Ethernet framing
errors) is a 4.1 patch, and 100330-02 (Jumbo patch) is a 4.1.1 patch,
so the two should never be applied to the same kernel.

The README file for 100260-01 says, "Obsoleted by SVR4", so (since
4.1.1 != SVR4), I assumed that I still needed it. Chris explained
that the "obsoleted by" field is a best guess made at the time the
patch was first created. He recommended that no patch be used that
doesn't specifically mention the OS version being patched. Assume
that the next release fixes that bug. If the problem re-appears, then
look for a new patch for the new OS version.

By the way, we just received 100330-03.

Thanks to all who responded:
Chris.Drake@Corp.Sun.COM (Chris Drake)
dal@gcm.com (Dan Lorenzini)
shilo@fmsu04.intel.com (Shilo Jennings ~)

Charles H. Buchholtz chip@seas.upenn.edu
Systems Programmer (215) 898-2491
School of Engineering and Applied Science 200 S. 33rd St, rm 154
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA 19104

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