SUMMARY: Calling ld myself -> Seg Fault

Date: Thu Dec 05 1991 - 18:32:41 CST

Okay - thank you - you can stop now - half-a-dozen replies in ten minutes
is fine (our link to the US *is* fast today).

Thanks to all (so far) for pointing me to the -dryrun and -v options of cc
to figure out what it was doing.

The answer is, of course, to give "-e start" to ld. Funny, don't recall
ever having to do that before on other platforms - but then it's been a couple
of years - with a lot of Modula-2 in the gap. The "-dc" and "-dp" are
probably a good idea too, and the "-X" that cc throws in can't hurt.

That'll teach me to stray from the one-true-language ;-)

Thanx again all (names withheld to protect the innocent),


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