SUMMARY: disable logins and allow mail delivery

From: Mahlon Stacy 4-4558 (mstacy@mayo.EDU)
Date: Wed Dec 04 1991 - 20:18:11 CST

sun-managers is to be commended again for quick response.

There were sevral good suggestions. The one I chose, which works
great, was offered first by Bryan, He said:

yes, follow the above + line with:


(The nologin.lockout is a shell of ours that tells
the person attemping to log in that they cant and why, then
exits, all in a secure fashion.) This will allow the
rest of the YP map to exist, but the * in the password
field takes precedence over the YP password field and
cannot be matched, thus locking out logins.

Other suggestions included touching or creating /etc/nologin, which would
prevent all logins and remote logins (I need to permit access by the
netgroup) and creating individual password entries with non-shells,
as above.

Thanks to all.


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