SUMMARY: (sort of) ALM and ALM clones

From: Eric Pearce (
Date: Thu Dec 05 1991 - 21:22:24 CST

My original posting:
>I have a Sun 4/470 that needs around 8 serial ports for modems (uucp
>and dial in/out). The Sun ALM-1 is kind of old and crufty, though I
>could get one pretty cheap. I'm worried about hanging 8 19k modems
>on it. The ALM-2 has only 4 modem-control ports and doesn't look
>amazing performance-wise. I have an old Sun-3 SCSI board that could
>run one of those SCSI serial port boards, do they work ok?
>I also saw something called "Co-ALM", which looks much better than
>an ALM-2, does anybody have one of these?

>I'd much rather hang a SPIF card or something similar off a Sparc2,
>but that isn't possible at the moment. I think terminal servers
>such as the Xylogics Annex are out of my price range (~$2,000)

Here are 2 products I found for ~$2,000
CoALM (9U) from Cosystems
16 x 38.4k ports, full modem control
9U form factor
SunOS 4.1.1 driver
                                                CoSystems Distributor:
                                                WorkStation Plus
                                                510 351 2661 Kari Payne
781 from Xylogics
16 x 38.4k ports, full modem control
6U form factor + 6U to 9U adaptor
SunOS 4.1.1 driver
                                                Xylogics Distributor:
                                                Peripheral Devices
                                                508 359 2423 Lynn Mormon

I haven't actually ordered either one, but they look good on paper.
Xylogics Annex terminal severs with similar features run around ~$5,000.


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