SUMMARY: Software to make a PC an X- terminal

From: Kandi Kirk (ccrwest!kk@UCSD.EDU)
Date: Fri Dec 06 1991 - 22:44:21 CST

This posting sure succeeded in generating alot of interest as well as responces.
Unfortunately, I am trying to generate this summary quick before I leave for th
Sun Users Conference so I will provide at this time the quick list of software
available to do these things without providing the pros and cons for each one.
If you would like some information regarding the ones that people spoke highly
of please let me know and I will provide that to interested parties at a later

I was also flamed by one user who felt that this was inappropriate for this
group. If you feel posting to this group was inappropriate I apologize. I
honestly felt that this was my best option since comp.sys.sun is not
functioning. The person offended did indicate that posting to
may have been more appropriate but given that I am running PC-NFS, and trying
to use olwm on the PC from the SUn servers this really does appear to be a
Sun software administration issue at least from my perspective. I recevied
over 40 replies with information or people requesting info with only one flame.

Thanks to all who provided valuable information the consensus is to start that
PC-XSIGHT (the one I am demoing at present) is not real functional. The one
that was preferred by quite a few people was the HCL-eXceed. Several other
people specified some products they liked but the HCL-exceed seemed to be
a common thread. There were several people that also indicated that even with
alot of memory and power the use of a PC as an X terminal is very slow and not
preferrable. A real X terminal is much better.

Thanks to all who responded.

Here's the list:

        AGE (619-455-8600, fax 619-597-6030) PC Xsight for DOS users who want
VGA, S-VGA or 8514 Xservers. It also provides XoftWare for TIGA/DOS for DOS
users who have TIGA cards with 34010 or 34020 cards. A version is also
available for ISC and SCO users who want to offload the Xserver to a TIGA card.

        PC DECWindows 3.0 is an MS-DOS application that turns your PC into an
X11R4 terminal. It supports DECnet and TCP/IP. Available from DEC.
[Dennis Giokas (, 3/91]

        Hummingbird Communications (Canada 416-470-1203) produces the
HCL-eXceed and HCL-eXceed Plus for EGA, VGA, and VGA+ controllers.

        Information Network Solutions also offers a product called HCL-eXceed
for the *86. The fax is 02-4122079 inside Australia, 612-4122079 from

        Integrated Inference Machines (714-978-6201 or -6776) is shipping
X11/AT, an X server that runs under MS-windows. The server converts an IBM-AT
into an X terminal which can simultaneously run MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows
        Intelligent Decisions, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA: 408-734-3730)

        IBM is rumored to offer a product; part #5709-029.

        Metro Link Inc. (305-970-7353,; in Europe contact
ADNT, (33 1) 3956 5333) ships an implementation of X11R4 for the 386/486
Unix market.

        DESQview/X from Quarterdeck (213-392-9851; 213-399-3802 FAX)
incorporates X into the DESQview multi-tasking DOS environment.

        SpectraGraphics/GSS (503-641-2200) makes PC-Xview, an
MSDOS-based X server which interfaces with PC/TCP Plus networking software from
FTP Software and Excelan's LAN WorkPlace for DOS. The server works with
(a) 286, 386, 486 (b) EGA, VGA, DGIS displays. (c) DOS 3.2 and above
(d) Microsoft, Logitech, Mouse Systems Mice (e) 640k memory up to 16 MB memory
[the PC-Xview/16 is available for PCs with extended memory].

        StarNet Communications (408-739-0881 Fax-739-0936) makes MicroX, an X
server that runs on MS-DOS. MicroX has TCP/IP built-in and will work with any
Ethernet card that has a driver that conforms to the PC/TCP Packet Driver
Specification, video drivers for the most common cards and 256-color mode on
most super VGA cards. A 286 (8 color clients maximum) and a 386 (number of
clients limited only by memory on your system) version are available.
For more information send mail to microx@StarNet.Com.

        VisionWare's XVision is a Microsoft Windows-based X server which allows
an IBM-compatible PC or PS/2 to display X clients running on a networked
computer at the same time as local DOS/Windows programs. VisionWare is at Voice UK: +44 532 788858 Fax UK: +44 532 304676.

        Xinetron (CA 408-727-5509) offers a 286- and 286-based PC
preconfigured with X server. The Xinet X-Station offers a maximum of 8 clients.

        Xnth is an implementation of X11 R4 which runs on AT-bus PCs running
DOS 3.3 or higher. It currently supports 1280X1024 or 1024X768 resolution
monitors at 256 colors (out of 16M) with hardware accelleration for graphics

and text operations. It currently utilizes a TCP/IP byte stream over Ethernet.
Information: Jerry Norman, Nth Graphics, Ltd., 1-800-624-7552.

FramworX Integrated Design Engineering, Inc. Tel: 800-274-7238
                1078 Headquarters Park Drive 314-343-0005
                Fenton, MO 63026 Fax: 314-326-2311

Kandi Kirk ccrwest!
Institute for Defense Analyses (619) 455-9400
Center for Communications Research - La Jolla (619) 455-1327 (FAX)
4350 Executive Drive Suite 135
San Diego, Ca. 92121

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