SUMMARY: Hardware differences between SPARCserver2 and SPARCstation2

From: Allen Witt (
Date: Sun Dec 08 1991 - 21:34:59 CST

Here is a summary of answers to my question regarding hardware differences
between SPARCserver2's and SPARCstation2's.
The unanimous consensus was -
A sparcserver 2 is a sparcstation-2 without a monitor, frame buffer card,
keyboard and mouse. Same CPU, same box.

The sparcstation-2 has more hw contexts that previous desktop systems
(16 vs 8) and enhancements to the DMA which make it much more efficient
than earlier desktops. (Paul Hoyt Nelson) writes
        ...I have just been purchasing the most basic SS2, removing the
monitor, adding memory, disks, ethernet controllers and SCSI controllers.
This method is less expensive and I can determine no performance difference
from a SS2server.

Ajay Shah, (213)734-3930, writes
The only differences are in the way the OS is shipped -- server
is more tuned for IO and lots of users...

        - I can't see any difference in the GENERIC configuration files.
However I always make custom kernels with fewer windows, more users and
no unnecessary options, etc.

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