Sun 4 keyboard on a sun 3: here's how

From: Nick Sayer (
Date: Sun Nov 03 1991 - 15:07:01 CST

Although nobody seems to have asked lately, I recently managed to get a
Sun 4 style keyboard connected to my sun 3 to replace the ghastly old
Sun 3 keyboard and lo-res mouse I used to suffer with. It's not quite
the same as my SLC at work, but it's certainly an improvement.
Anyhow, you need to make your own cable (or buy Suns for a rediculous
sum) to hook the new keyboard up to the DB-15 connector on the Carrera
(3/1x0) motherboard. I simply swiped two standard sun 4 cables and hacked
the end off one and put a DB15 on (the other is for the day I replace
the Carrera with a Cobra [4/110]). Here are the pinouts:

8 pin socket

8 6
5 4 3
  2 1

3 Vcc
4 RxDB (Mouse)
5 TxDA (Keyboard)
6 RxDA (Keyboard)
7 TxDB (Mouse)
8 Vcc

15 pin socket

8 - - - 1
 15 - 9

1 RxDA (Keyboard)
3 TxDA (Keyboard)
5 RxDB (Mouse)
7 TxDB (Mouse)

2,4,6,8,9 GND
10-15 Vcc

Aparently, according to my spies, zs1 is the same thing as zs0 on the
CPU board (and zs0, of course, is ttya and ttyb), but it goes into the
keyboard/mouse connector. So aparently, one could conceivably wire up
their keyboard port into a pair of printer ports if one was using
ttya as their console, but they'd have to make some changes. It may
be as simple as making character devices with ttya's major device
number and minor device numbers of 2 and 3 (and leaving zs1 in the
kernel config file). I don't know. It would also be interesting
to figure out the data format to and from the keyboard and

Any info would be informative. :-)

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