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Date: Sat Nov 23 1991 - 19:12:22 CST

This subject was originally "Re: CFV: comp.sys.sun reorganization" (Steve Simmons) writes:

>One tremendously useful thing would be to gateway all sun-managers
>summary postings (not the whole mailing list) into that group. (This
>assumes Phil agrees). At the moment I've got approxomately 500 of
>those summarys saved, and they're a primo source for solving problems
>without having to ask anyone.

AAARRRGGHHH!!!! I've gotten mail from all over the frigging world
asking for copies, indexes, solutions to problems, etc. It even
included sites volunteering to put copies up for anon ftp.

OK, we'll do it. I'm going through 5 years of saved summaries from
Sun-Spots, Sun-Managers, Sun-Nets, alt.sys.sun, SunFlash, and anything
else that's dropped by my mailbox. Duplicates are being weeded, my
personal mail separated out, some simple indexing will be done, etc,
etc. So far 5MB has been weeded down to 4MB, but it won't get much

Some preliminary stats:

By article count, about 95% of the archive is summary articles from
Sun-Managers, Sun-Nets, and alt.sys.sun. As a matter of course, if it
said "summary" it got saved. Very little is from Sun-Spots. Sun-Spots
material is much less because (a) it already exists elsewhere (sorry,
don't have the details at my fingertips) and (b) tends to not be
concentrated into Summary articles. There are in the neighborhood of
500 articles.

If an article had "Summary" or "Info" or "Answer" in the Subject: line,
it's in the archive. Note this may not be complete for everything ever
sent to Sun{Nets,Managers,Flash}; it just reflects what I've saved.

A number of "informational" postings from SunFlash have been collected
and are archived as such.

Instructions for and policies for getting onto those mailing lists will
be included.

The Sun-Managers FAQ list is in the archive.

In a number of cases folks have written documents on some Sun-specific
topic -- Telebit modem instructions from Telebit, security, UUCP, etc.
Those articles will go in the archive as well. If you have some of
these DO NOT send me them right now. Wait til the archive comes out,
see if they're there, then get in touch with me.

Most of the archive is in a single file in "mailbox" format. That's
the quickest way for me to get it out there. An "Index" file will be
present, containing the results of a grep for all "Subject" lines.

There will be a ReadMe file, explaining what it all is.

NO content-oriented editorial processing is being done -- anything in
the archive will be exactly as posted with the sole exception of a few
things that seemed to lack carriage returns.

The initial archive will be stored in at least 3 places, full site
names announced when it's set.

Where easily identified, I've deleted obsolete things. I've attempted
to expunge my personal mail, too. :-)


I will set something up so the archive will get updated automaticly,
using the grep Summary/Info/Answer rule on all my incoming mail from
Sun-Managers and Sun-Nets.

A WAIS server will be set up, but probably not for a month or two.

If I get real enthused, there may be a major indexing by subtopic.
We'll see.

I don't plan to offer a mail archive service, but others may.
Volunteers welcomed.

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