SUMMARY: removed /usr/lib/ files by mistake!

From: Angel R. Rivera (arrent!
Date: Tue Jun 25 1991 - 11:12:10 CDT

Wow! I posted a request Saturday PM, and by Sunday AM I had received
answers-eat your heart out Sun...

The Problem:

        By mistake, one of us did an "rm -r" while in /usr/lib/
        (We were trying to make room for the installation of X-Window).
        Now everything is gone.

        This is a somewhat new system, and thus do not have a backup.
        We do have the system tapes. Is there anyway to read the files
        we need off that tape?

First, I would like to give thanks to the following people...

        George A. Planansky <uupsi!!gplan>
        uupsi!!white (Scott White)
        Badri Pillai <uupsi!!badri>
        uupsi!!antonson (Todd S. Antonson)
        uupsi!niwot.scd.ucar.EDU!era (Ed Arnold)
        John Hasley<uupsi!!hasley>
        uupsi!!rodney (barking at airplanes)

Who gave of their time and advice. These people got me going in the
right direction. Special thanks to George Planansky, his help gave
me the education I needed to get it up.


        Not all of /usr/lib/... was missing, just a few of the most
        important libraries, but I did not know that at the time. I
        was not able to use mt or dd because of this problem. What I
        did was:

        (1) I did a boot tape command, and once it was up, I went to
            the shell (option 2).

        (2) I then tried to copy the /usr files from tape into /tmp,
            but I did not have enough room. I also did not have mount
            so I backed up the /usr/lib files onto a tape using tar.
            (tar worked without the /usr/lib/).

        (3) I the performed a boot single user on the Sparc 2, and tar'd
            the tape into the /usr/lib. I was then able to run most of
            the system.

        (4) I loaded the first distribution tape, and restored the
            /usr files:

                setenv TAPE /dev/nrst0
                mt -f $TAPE rew
                mt -f $TAPE fsf 4
                dd if=$TAPE of=<path>/tape1-usr.tar.Z
                cd <path>
                uncompress tape1-usr.tar

        (5) Loaded files into /usr

                cd /usr
                tar xvf <path>/tape1-usr.tar ./lib

        The system is now up and running. I made sure that (1), I made
        daily backups, and (2) to remap rm, mv, and cp.

Thanks again,

  Angel R. Rivera
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