Summary: SCSI-disks: version info

Date: Tue Jun 25 1991 - 11:41:45 CDT

Several people suggested using the probe-scsi command on SPARCstations with the Open-Boot-Prom code to get this info. That will sometimes give you at least the vendor and disk type, total number of 512 byte blocks on disk, *and* occasionally the version number.

This works for most Sun-supported devices, but not always for 3rd party disks.
I only rely on the probe-scsi command to give me the disk type and total number of blocks on the disk.

I did some tests, and got the following results:
        - Sun internal 200MB drive and the 150MB tape drive gives version nos.
        - CDC 1.2 GB disk does not (from 3rd party)
        - new Micropolis' 1598-15 gives:
        "Microp 1598-15MD1052405AS241598-15MD1052405AS24"

        and if your well-versed in Micropolis slang you'll suspect that the
        "AS24" *may* be the firmware version number.

        (After some discussions with our supplier he agrees that this may
        be a valid firmware version, very "new", but supposed to work. We're
        gonna try an AS21 if he can get it, and if it's compatible. Does
        anybody from MIcropolis read this list?)

One problem with this method is that it doesn't work on the rest of the
Sun-4 series, so I cannot use this method to get the version number on
the 1.2GB Micropolis disk that I know *is* working. (It sits deep inside
a Sun-4/380S as an "internal" disk :-)

I think my request still stands.


        Some people asked about the quality of the Micropolis disks.
        IMHO, at the low price and also now with a 5 year guarantee,
        I don't hesitate. I've found quality to be about equal to
        CDC (now Seagate?). Performance is *very slightly* lower
        than CDC on tests, but I think your needs must be quite
        special for that to matter. (We have some 25GB of scsi-disks,
        and about 50-50% CDC/Micropolis.)
        Also I figure, if you can get at least a 3-year guarantee,
        then you can forget about disk maintenance.


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