SUMMARY:Can't boot from CD with SS1+

From: Ron Madurski (
Date: Mon Jun 24 1991 - 12:21:19 CDT

My original problem was:

> I am trying to upgrade a SS1+ to SUNOS 4.1.1. When I boot using
> b sd(,6,2) -sw
> or
> boot sd(,6,2) -sw
> I get the following message
> assertion failed: pmg !=NULL, file ../../sun4/vm_hat.c line: 2316
> panic:assertion failed
> and it starts to boot from the hard drive.A
> It isn't the cd or the cd drive. I can boot from it on other macchines.
> The computer sees the disk because it starts to load the kernel.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.

This is probably my problem. After writing this I thought a bit and
just moved the disk to another SUN and did the installation. I will
probably fix this anyway, when I get a chance (In my spare time :={))

From: Annette D. Holloway <>

I had a problem booting 4.1.1 on my SS1+ also. I don't remember the exact
error message, but it looks similar to yours. My machine had
a mixture of 1Mb SIMMS and 4Mb SIMMS to total 40Mb memory. The
1Mb SIMMS were in low memory (to the right looking at the memory SIMMS from
the front) and the 4Mb SIMMS to the left. I switched the locations -
put the 4Mb SIMMS first (right) and the 1Mb SIMMS last (left). The
CD worked perfectly.

It was a very strange problem because we could boot from the CD on all
other machines (they all had less memory). What was also strange was that
I could boot the 4.1 CD but not the 4.1.1 CD with the original SIMM
configuration. It was a very confusing couple of days.

The only attempt at a logical reason for this that I heard was --
if the 1Mb SIMMS are first, the system thinks it only has 1Mb SIMMS

If you only have 32 Mb on your system, then this may not be the problem.
Two other SS1+'s here have only 32 Mb memory and they could boot the CD
just fine. (Annette Holloway) (Nigel Sharp) (David N. Blank)


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