SUMMARY Trouble propagating new NIS map

From: Bill Hart (
Date: Sun Jun 23 1991 - 20:16:09 CDT

Thanks to all who replied, the fix was quite simple. My original question
was :-
> I'm having a few problems propagating a new NIS map "auto.local". I have
> three NIS servers; inverse, flood, ocean(master). None of them seem to
> like binding to themselves, ocean binds to either flood or inverse. The
> entry in the make file is simply a copy of an entry for auto.home (indirect
> automount maps) :-
> auto.local.time: $(DIR)/auto.local
> @(while read L; do echo $$L; done < $(DIR)/auto.local $(CHKPIPE)) | \
> (sed -e "/^#/d" -e s/#.*$$// -e "/^ *$$/d" $(CHKPIPE)) | \
> $(MAKEDBM) - $(YPDBDIR)/$(DOM)/auto.local;
> @touch auto.local.time;
> @echo "updated auto.local";
> @if [ ! $(NOPUSH) ]; then $(YPPUSH) auto.local; fi
> @if [ ! $(NOPUSH) ]; then echo "pushed auto.local"; fi
> auto.local: auto.local.time
> The map builds ok, but when it comes to push it I get the message :-
> Can't bind master to send ypclear message to ypserv for map auto.local.
> All machines are SS2's running 4.1.1 with C2 jumbo patch 10027-01 installed.
The solution is to run ypxfr auto.local on all the slave servers to transfer
the map and then do another make on the master to be on the safe side. Not
entirely satisfactory but it works.

As to getting a server to bind to itself the solution is to start ypbind with

ypbind -ypsetme
ypset my_ip_address

which is not recommended in the manual pages for security reasons.

Thanks to


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