SUMMARY:more memory for IPC

From: Peter Kaldis (
Date: Fri Jun 21 1991 - 10:47:32 CDT

My original question:

>Does anyone know if it's possible to get an IPC configured
>with more than 24M of memory. According to Sun literature
>this is the maximum that's possible, however I had heard
>that you can go up to ~40M. What's the secret, some kind
>of daughterboard perhaps?

Ok, I should of known. The answer is quite simple as alot of
kind souls out there pointed out. Just replace all the 1M simms
(8 of 'em) with 4M simms, This gives you 32M then just add
another set of 4M simms in the remaining 4 slots for a total
of 48M of memory.

Well that's the last time I beleive eveything I read in the
Sun documentation :-)

Honour Roll of kind souls:

mcgill-vision!!mikey (Mike McFaul)
Jim Battan <mcgill-vision!!battan>
mcgill-vision!uunet.UU.NET!synaptx!glenn (Glenn Gribble)
mcgill-vision!sun-valley.Stanford.EDU!dmorse (Dennis Morse)
mcgill-vision!curt (Curt Freeland)
mcgill-vision!!matt (Matt Goheen)
mcgill-vision!umiacs.UMD.EDU!steve (Steve D. Miller)
mcgill-vision!!tsacas (Stephane Tsacas)
mcgill-vision!!cfassp8!nassio (George Nassiopoulos)
mcgill-vision!semprini.kafka.SAIC.COM!scheller (Mark Scheller x6519)
"John R. F. McMacken" <mcgill-vision!!mcmacken>
Steve Hanson <mcgill-vision!!hanson>
mcgill-vision!!dwm (Dave Minnich)
Emmett Hogan <mcgill-vision!!hogan>

Thanks All

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