SUMMARY: Volume control on IPC

From: Jonathan C. Davis (
Date: Thu Jun 20 1991 - 10:17:41 CDT

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request!

My original posting:

>I just got a new IPC whose warning "beep" is loud enough to wake the dead.
>Is it possible to turn down the volume? How?

"xset" seems to be the only available software option. Unfortunately, the
volume and pitch controls don't work, but the duration control does.
Glenn Little (glittle@UCSD.EDU) explains:

> You know it! Those things are loud. The only thing I've found to do
> is, under X, set the beep duration as short as possible (xset 1 100 1).
> The first "1" is percentage of full volume. This seems to have no
> effect. The "100" is pitch. This too has no effect. The last "1"
> is duration. That kind of chokes off the beep. It sounds silly, but
> it's not quite as obnoxious. If you find out a real way to turn down
> the volume, I'm interested.

"xset" was also suggested by the following: (Brent Alan Wiese)
Russell Brand <wuthel!>

Another suggestion came from Marcel Bernards (

> simply add a resistor of ~ 10 to 25 Ohm serial with the speaker:
> -----######------+
> | /
> | |<
> | \
> -----------------+

Then there's my favorite suggestion from
Rick Dipper <>

> smack it one with a sledgehammer

Thanks again for the suggestions. This list is great!

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