SUMMARY: Problems with an Exabyte on a 4/370 & SunOS4.0.3

From: Pete Biggs (
Date: Tue Jun 18 1991 - 04:01:10 CDT

I sent out a request a few days ago for help with the above problem. I got
no answers at all from the list - I hear of all these people who get answers
to their problems in 10 mins, and here's me, not a single one in 5 days!
Never, mind. It's not really surprising considering what was actually
wrong. A Sun engineer found the problem (thanks Bill), it turned out that
the connector from the SCSI address selector on the back of the Exabyte box
to the PCB was inserted upside-down. Consequently the Exabyte thought it
was at every SCSI address - this didn't seem to bother the disks, but as
soon as I tried using the QIC all hell broke loose.


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