SUMMARY: Troubl with UUCP

From: mark galbraith (
Date: Wed Jun 12 1991 - 12:13:19 CDT

Thanks to all the people who read my message. I wish now that I had included a bit
more about what we had already tried.

All of the respondants suggested that I run with a debug level set on uucico. This
had been tried almost first thing. I have this thing about the warm and fuzzy feeling
that knowing what is going on gives me. What should be noted is that NO DEBUGGING
OUTPUT WAS PRODUCED. It seemed to be bailing out before it even printed any debug

And the answer is: Pilot error. The user on the other end had made a typo in the
Permissions file. Apparently uucico makes a few sanity checks before it begins
processing, and during those checks does not print any debug information. After the
user corrected the Permissions file, it worked...well sort of. We are still having
a few problems, but at least we have a connection.

Thanks to those who took the time to reply. Remember, this list only helps if we
have users willing to spend some of their time helping others.

Here is a list of the heros of this hour:

uunet!oilean!!joe [[I think there is a problem with the address-MG]]

Thanks again.

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