SUMMARY: "Bad segment map" on power-up

From: Matt Crawford (
Date: Thu Jun 13 1991 - 10:55:54 CDT

The original problem:

> Ouch. My home system, a SS-1/GX, sends the following to ttya within
> seconds after power-up:
> Bad segment map (ASI=3) adr 00000000 exp 00000000 obs 00000004 xor 00000004
> Context 00000000

I received *no* replies. :-(

I shuffled and reseated the SIMMs (which are just the original 8 1MB
SIMMs that came with the machine) and on the second try it booted.
But since then it has not stayed up for more than 12 hours at a
stretch. The console goes dark. Sometimes the green LED on the
pizza box starts flashing, other times it doesn't. In any case, a
power cycle has brought it back each time, but it's getting a bit

The memory test on power-up never shows a problem. I have set
selftest-#megs to 7.

Any other suggestions? Polish the SIMM contacts with good bond
paper? Poke the SIMM sockets with a pointy plastic thing to make the
sockets tighter? I don't want to make things worse than they are.

                                Matt Crawford

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