SUMMARY Restricting root access.

Date: Thu Jun 13 1991 - 11:52:00 CDT


Thanks for all the suggestions (100's & 100's & 100's of them - brill !!)

Anyway, as most of you said it was a function (primarily) of not doing the
old kill -HUP 1 (fool) combined with the odd typing error (amateur).

Thank you all.

Some people questioned why I want to restrict rlogin as root, well I think
that now we are getting to a "reasonable" size network with "reasonable*3"
users it is silly if people who 'stumble' across root password can get access.
I have thus decided on the policy of only allowing those users who do specific
su jobs to be able to su as root. This has meant using the wheel group and also
switching off direct root login. This policy may not be to everyones liking
but I feel a lot happier when I go to bed at night!!

Thanks again,

Glynn Robinson
Dept Neurology
Guy's Hospital
London SE1 9RT
071 955 4162

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