SUMMARY: format.dat for LXT-213S and ST-4766N wanted

Date: Fri Jun 14 1991 - 12:38:00 CDT

My original question was:

> I recently purchased two Maxtor LXT-213S internal disk drives for SS2
> and a Seagate ST-4766N external disk. Unfortunately they arrived
> without manuals. Could a kind soul please provide a format.dat entry
> for one or both of the disks? Thank you very much.

I got 8 replies, all saying what best expresses this one:

> I know that the Maxtor LXT-213S is the same drive that Sun is shipping
> in their SparcStation 2 system (I looked inside one), you can just use
> the SUN0207 entry that comes with format.dat from Sun. I don't know
> about the Seagate. Good Luck.
> Julian
> --
> Julian J. Watkins
> 213-813-6516

So, still my question for a format.dat entry for the Seagate ST-4766N is
open. Is anybody out there who can help?

My thank you goes to the following people:
From: romers OU=cs ON=utwente PD=surf AD=400net C=nl
From: eplrx7!mcneill OU=uunet ON=uu PD=net AD=dbp C=de
From: mcneal OU=tomcat ON=solbourne PD=com AD=dbp C=de
From: apex!randyp OU=uunet ON=uu PD=net AD=dbp C=de
From: Thomas Weihrich OU=arbi ON=informatik PD=uni-oldenburg AD=' '
From: watkins OU=spf ON=trw PD=com AD=dbp C=de
From: hoel OU=cec ON=mtu PD=edu AD=dbp C=de
From: glascock ON=mayo PD=edu AD=dbp C=de


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