SUMMARY: where is the ethernet selector on a 4/110?

From: Bill Selig - SysAdmin (
Date: Fri Jun 14 1991 - 10:07:43 CDT

What a great list. Quick replies!! First, thanks to the current respondants:
     Ken Rossman <> (Chris Wilson)
     David Fetrow <> (Dan Lorenzini) (Curt Freeland) (ld kelley x-6857) (Mark Seiden)
     Dan Butzer <>
and those who will before seeing the summary.

SUMMARY: (full replies on request)
>From Curt Freeland:

    J1800 (Just behind the DB15 ethernet AUI connector) is the jumper you need.
    The Field Engineers manual says
    out forces AutoSense Ethernet (if > 30ma on the +12 return)
    out forces thin ethernet
    in forces thick ethernet.

>From Dan Lorenzini:

    The 4/110 is supposed to figure out which interface to use
    automagically. However, in our experience, this does not work
    flawlessly. There is a jumper that can be used to force using the
    thick interface, and I believe that it is J1800 located near the
    ethernet connector. (Jumper in=thick; out=auto select.)

Bill Selig

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