SUMMARY: ttyp0's rows gets messed up

From: Richard F. Sidley (
Date: Mon Jun 17 1991 - 07:20:00 CDT

Thanks to all who responded. The answer seems to be to first tell stty that
you have no rows or cols, then it will set them properly. I've changed my
.login to include:

        stty rows 0 cols 0 <--- new line
        set noglob
        eval `tset -s -Q $term`
        stty crt
        unset noglob


***** Original Message Follows *****

        From sidley Fri Jun 14 23:40:43 1991
        Subject: ttyp0's rows gets messed up
        Status: RO

        Rather frequently a user will login after hours via PCNFS or modem and
        get an incorrect row setting, thereby giving only a few lines when he
        does a 'more'. 'stty -a' gives the number of rows to be 3 or 5 or ...
         -- something very low. This seems only to happen on ttyp0, which is
        the usual place I have a cmdtool open during the day. I don't abort
        out in funny ways, so I don't think I'm leaving something set wrong.
        The only way to ensure proper sane-ness seems to be to reboot. The
        following is in each .login and can't seem to reset the tty:

                # export terminal characteristics to environment

                set noglob
                eval `tset -s -Q $term`
                stty crt
                unset noglob

        Any ideas on what is causing it or other ways to fix?


                Sun SPARCstation 1
                SunOS 4.1 (no patches applied)



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