SUMMARY: Automounter problems (4.1.1)

From: Joseph F. Young (
Date: Mon Jun 17 1991 - 10:50:12 CDT

>From the responses I received, it seems like this is a common problem where
for some reason automount will hang and the only solution is to reboot the
system. I received several suggestions to use the AMD automounter, so I
installed it on our Sun4c and Sun3[x] systems running 4.0.3 and our single
4.1.1 Sun4 system which was having the problem, and it has worked rather well
so far. There are quite alot of nice features which would make it worthwhile
to take a look at; I obtained it from via anonymous ftp.

Thanks for the responses from:

glascock@mayo.EDU (Don Glascock)
stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern - Consultant)
"(Shawn Koppenhoefer)" <>
dennett@Kodak.COM (Charlie Dennett) (Simon Leinen)
Volker Siebelink <>

Joe Young

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