SUMMARY: Sunview: illegal instruction

Date: Thu Jun 13 1991 - 06:01:40 CDT

        Sorry for the very late summary, but was very busy with some higher
priority stuff ;-), my original messages is (truncated):
When i type sunview, it started alright, changing the required backgroud color
and then suddenly it died with : illegal instruction, core dumped.

Almost forget to mention: SPARC 1, with 2 monitors, 1 color and 1 monochrome.
OS 4.1

Special thanks goes to the following individuals


All hit the right answer of corrupted lib* binaries, and jaysun even sent me a
list of checksum for the respective sunview library binaries, and quite a few
of them have different checksum, since i only have 1 SUN, i can't copy the
affected binaries from another machine, and sun-install can't run without
sunview, i use the add_services to load in a fresh copy of the SunviewUser from
the distribution tapes.

Thanks again :-)

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