SUMMARY: Sync SCSI on 4/490

From: Doug Neuhauser (
Date: Wed Jun 12 1991 - 19:20:59 CDT

My original question was:

Q1: Can I use a Ciprico Rimfire 3523 in a 4/490 to provide synchronous SCSI for
SCSI disk drives?

A1: Yes.

2. Any problems with this configuration for Imprimis Wren 7 disks?

A2: None reported. Ciprico reports that they support this drive.

Q3: Does Ciprico use the Sun top-level SCSI drivers (sd, st, etc). If so,
do these work with the old (non-SCSA) scsi architecture?

A3: No, Ciprico provides its own complete set of drivers, which are sold
separately. Contact the distributor from whom you buy your controller.

One user reported that they are successfully using an Interphase 4410 dual
SCSI controller.

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