SUMMARY: Why (And Where) are My E-Mail Headers...

Date: Tue Jun 11 1991 - 08:03:26 CDT

Thanks for Neil Rickert ( and John Curran
(jcurran@SH.CS.NET) for their responses to my posting, which said:

>We're new to the Internet and I'm having trouble with e-mail headers
>being written (or rewritten) incorrectly. I'm using the "stock"
> on a Sun3, with SunOS 4.0.1. I don't know
>for sure where the incorrect header is being generated; no matter
>what I put in my own, it still happens and this makes
>me think someone else is doing it. We're connected via uunet's
>"AlterNet" service, so they handle our mail.
>The "From:" header, instead of showing correct information (i.e.,
>"") is showing "tkevans%Soaf1@uunet.UU.NET"
>as if my host were a UUCP site.

Neil suggested using Sun's '' rather than
'' and making sure the $w macro was correctly
defined. This resolved the problem. (Neil also helped me with
another, separate sendmail problem, for which I'm also grateful.)

John reminded me to make sure my host's FQHN appears first in

cc:Mail		Tim K. Evans at ~OSS
INTERNET   PHONE:  (301) 965-3286
UUCP 		...!{rutgers|ames|uunet}!mimsy!woodb!tkevans
US MAIL		6401 Security Blvd, 2-Q-2 Operations, Baltimore, MD  21235	

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