SUMMARY: sunos4.1.1 bugs?

From: Ron Stanonik (
Date: Mon Jun 10 1991 - 15:46:00 CDT

Thanks for the many replies. Below I summarized a few.

The first problem was that comsat didn't work for 8 char names.

    From: Margaret.Kapica@Corp.Sun.COM (Margaret Kapica)
    1) this bug still exists in 4.1.1; bugid 1055886

    From: (Mike Pearlman)
    The comsat bug has been fixed contact Sun and ask for patch 100272-02.

The second problem was that merely updating the yp group map didn't
affect what groups users were in.

    From: stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern - Consultant)
    (2) build the netid NIS map. your group info is taken from netid.byname,
    not group.byname when you login (this makes login much faster
    since it doesn't have to do a union-find on the group map)
    netid contains a line for each user, with all group memberships
    for that user. if you do
    # cd /var/yp ; make group
    you won't build the netid map; you have to do "make" or "make netid"
    to get it built.

    From: (Peter Galvin)
    The second
    problem is a result of login groups being extracted from the "netid"
    yp database, not the groups database. Change your yp makefile to
    rebuild netid whenever group is rebuild. Here's a diff of our

    % diff Makefile Makefile.prev
    < group: group.time netid.time
> group: group.time

Thanks all again,

Ron Stanonik

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