SUMMARY: SS 1 disk/format/dead machine problem

From: Marc Cohen (
Date: Fri Jun 07 1991 - 08:47:18 CDT

Once again this list saves my butt!

Earlier this week I posted a problem with a SS 1 running 4.1.1 that was
logging disk errors, then format failed and finally I couldn't even boot
the system from tape.

I moved the disk to another system an was able to boot from tape and
format the disk. When I returned it to the orignal system I still got
'panic mmu_getpmg' when trying to boot. I tried the following suggested
by Dennis Hurtado at Eastman Kodak and I was able to boot from tape and
restore all the filesystems.

> Concerning your "panic mmu_getpgm" you need to get to the forth
>prompt and enter the following text:
>ok 7f fff0.0000 smap!
>ok boot tape
> this should allow you to boot from the tape.

Thanks to all who replied. I'm still not sure what caused this problem
or if the machine will continue to run OK, but it was sure gratifying to
see it boot up so I can at least run some diagnostics on it.


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