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From: Mark Holm (analogy!
Date: Thu Jun 06 1991 - 13:40:16 CDT

Sorry this took so long, but I was trying to verify what I found.

My original request was:

>I am currently trying to extend my e-mail facilities so that every person
>in the building has e-mail access in some form or another. My current
>headache is to find a "nice" method of bring in my PC users with soem form
>of TSR or windows based program for mail access. I would prefer not to go
>with a commercial package as they all seem rather expensive for the small
>number of user's (< 10) by the time I add the smtp gateway programs. I
>recently found the Eudora program put out by the University of Illinois for
>my Macintoshes, that uses the Popper protocal daemon runnning on my mail
>server to keep synchronized mail boxes available on the macintoshes. What I
>would like is something based on popper for the PC's. If anybody knows of a
>program with the following attributes (or simalar) I would greatly
>appreciate hearing about it. I will summarize if there is sufficient
> PC Mail server/reader
> ====================
> NCSA telnet TCP/IP access
> Novell compatible/standalone capability
> Windows reader tool/Standalone tool
> Popper access to Unix mail (or equivalent)

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Mostly what I got back was "Me too!!". But I did have a couple of valid
suggestions. The first to violated two of my basic principles: 1) Should be
free or very cheap and 2) No need to learn unix.

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>From uunet!!datri Wed May 22 10:55:33 1991
To: Mark Holm <analogy!markh>
Subject: Re: PD mail connections for PC's

Why not just give them an account on an appropriate Unix machine, and
let them telnet?

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>From uunet!Princeton.EDU!Kennedy_J_Lemke Wed May 22 10:59:19 1991
To: analogy!markh
Subject: Re: PD mail connections for PC's

Only package I've had anything to do with is PC Lifeline,
available I believe from Sun (You need to get pcnfs also).
It uses either pop2 or pop3, can't remember which right now
since we run both servers on our mail machine.

Please do summarize the responses you get; I'm interested.

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>From uunet!!pace Wed May 22 10:59:44 1991
To: analogy!markh
Subject: Re: PD mail connections for PC's

You might take a look at popmail/pc from
It is pretty nice and works here at FSU

Don pace
FSU Computing Center

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The last one was the one that I have been pursuing. Popmail seems to be a good
start but has a few basic problems:

        1) Uses the packet driver interface which are sometimes hard to
           find. Clarkson has just about everyones major boards, but I
           have Gateway G/Net cards. I picked up a packet driver from
           Gateway, but it is first generation and does not seamlessly
           integrate like the normal Clarkson drivers.

        2) Mail messages of more than 118 lines (~4300 characters)
           cause popmail to choke and you have to hand edit the pop
           files and break the message into two parts.

        3) It does not appear to be able to save inbound mail messages
           to a new "mailbox".

        4) The manual covers installation realy well (first 20 pages
           of a 30 page manual), but is really weak on actual usage.

        5) Monochrome mouse interface, the mouse tends to disappear.

For now, I have two users using it. But, I will wait to put the other 10
up until the long message problem has a fix..

If anybody else has any suggestions, I would be happy to investigate and
report back to this forum.

Mark Holm!analogy!markh -or-
Analogy ..sun!nosun!analogy!markh
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