[Summary] Problem with Wren IV on 4.1.1

From: tonytran@leland.stanford.edu
Date: Thu Jun 06 1991 - 20:16:01 CDT

My question:

>Jun 4 16:23:06 mybaby vmunix: sd0a: write retry, block 6736 (6736 relative)
>Jun 4 16:23:06 mybaby vmunix: sd0a error: sense key(0x4): hardware error, error code(0x9): servo error
>Jun 4 16:23:06 mybaby vmunix: sd0a: hard error, block 6736 (6736 relative)
>Jun 4 16:23:06 mybaby vmunix: sd0: warning, block 26752 has failed 10 times
>Jun 4 16:23:06 mybaby vmunix: sd0: rewriting block 26752
>Jun 4 16:23:06 mybaby vmunix: sd0: reassigning marginal block 26752

>System config: SUN 4/370; 32 MB of memory; 2 327MB Wren IV drives
>runs 4.1.1

 All the replies I received indicated that I got a bad disk, and
 I need to reformat the disk

 Mike Rembis <xphoton!midi!miker@sunkist.west.Sun.COM> argued that
 it might be a bad spot on the disk or a bad/unbalanced SCSI cable.

Perhaps Paul Evan Matz <bmskc!oz!paul@uunet.uu.net> described it best:

Looks like your disk needs a re-format. If you try, you may get errors
when attempting to do it.

Here's the trick; Run format, select the disk, go into the defect
menu, and DELETE all entries in the defect list. Then commit the new
list, quit to format main menu, and try running format again.
Apparently, the disk is told to handle it's own defects transparently
to the SCSI logical block address range it provides. A disk I had, that
was on the ropes for a while, cleaned up nicely with a reformat. Once
the format completes, it may still show no defects; This is ok. They
are handled internally in the disk (or it's adaptor).

You then will probably have to define the partition label, etc.

I managed to dig up some old mail on this subject, so here as some of
the choise pieces. They sort of chronical my attempts to figure out
what was wrong with a 326Mbyte 386i disk (the Wren IV was used 1st on
the 386i), based on it's error messages. In summary, one guy at sun
advised me to chuck it, and another suggested the use of the delete
command to "remove all of the disk's notion of bad blocks" (see last
message). After doing this, it did re-format, and is still working
just fine.

 Thanks to the following people for your quick responses:

Stefan Mochnacki <stefan@centaur.astro.utoronto.ca>
Du*'c Vu~ duv@mlb.semi.harris.com
keves@meaddata.com (Brian Keves)
Jan <jan@eik.ii.uib.no>
Kathy <holle@asc.slb.com>
bmskc!oz!paul@uunet.uu.net (Paul Evan Matz)
xphoton!midi!miker@sunkist.west.Sun.COM (Mike Rembis)
Alex Lopez <alexl@daemon.CNA.TEK.COM>


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