EXB8500 experiences (Summary)

From: scott@dsg.tandem.com
Date: Wed Jun 05 1991 - 19:05:15 CDT

I asked for experiences with Exabyte 8500 tape drives. Thanks for responses

dan@breeze.bellcore.com (Daniel Strick)
jgotobed@hindmost.lpl.arizona.edu (Joe Gotobed x4549)
Dave Sill <de5@stc06.ctd.ornl.gov>
Mike Raffety <oconnor!miker@oddjob.uchicago.edu>
Jonathan Corbet <corbet@stout.atd.ucar.edu>
phillips@maui.qualcomm.com (Marc Phillips)
zjat02@trc.amoco.com (Jon A. Tankersley)
tekbspa!squid!edward@uunet.uu.net (Edward Chien)


It seems to be stable, at least for light/medium backup loads. No one seems
to have yet driven them really hard. There may still be some residual
performance problems that will be fixed in firmware. One site characterizes
the drive as having fewer bringup problems than the original EXB8200.

The drives are not yet capable of reading the 2.2G tapes, though Exabyte
promises the functionality Real Soon Now.

They may or may not work with the standard Sun SCSI driver; I would recommend
being careful about it.

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