SUMMARY: SunOS4.0.3 and Exabyte's

Date: Mon Jun 03 1991 - 09:27:14 CDT

The question:

> does the scsi driver in 4.0.3 support Exabyte drives?

The answer is NO. There's a patch available from Sun:

> nope - you need a patch for the kernel in order to use it. I believe
> that the critter I had to get was CONSULT-SS1TAPE. You have to pay
> for it :-(, but they give you a tape and instructions.
   <Al Lichty>

Or there's the possibility of purchasing a driver:

> No, upgrade or buy a separate driver. I believe Delta Micro Systems
> was once selling one.
   < (Brent Alan Wiese)>

Thanks for the speedy help!

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