Sun SLC and X.25 - SUMMARY

From: Bob Sutterfield (
Date: Sat Jun 01 1991 - 13:18:06 CDT

   Date: 31 May 91 15:16:15 GMT

   The IPC will *NOT* support X.25 at all.

This is slightly inaccurate if you remember that there are other X.25
implementations available for the SPARCstation besides SunLink. It's
true that no X.25 of my acquaintance will run on the IPC's serial
ports, because certain clocking signals weren't carried from the UART
out to the connector. But our company's X.25 will run on an IPC (or
any other SPARCstations we've tried so far) with the addition of our
SCSI-based VersaLink high-speed serial interface.

   All Sparc stations *do* support X.25.

Morning Star Technologies' X.25, like (presumably) SunLink X.25, can
run over the serial ports of all the other SPARCstations we've tried
so far.

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