SUMMARY:lpr truncating files

Date: Thu May 30 1991 - 05:31:57 CDT

49 Replies in all, most saying I should read the man pages!
My message was far from clear, I now see, haven taken the text of the error
message it showed, verbally, from the affected user. The error SHOULD have
been "Copy file too large" and not "File too big". I'll blame the user!
Most replies thus assumed I was printing on a local printer.
I HAD noted that one must have mx#0 set in printcaps for unlimited size files,
and that was in my printer server's copy. I had NOT realised it most also
be everywhere else which refers to the printer with an "rp=" entry in
/etc/printcap. That got my big file sorted out.
Some people thought that even with "mx#0" set, there was still a 1Meg limit,
if printing over the net.This is NOT so (at least in 4.1) as I've got
a file of over 2Megs to copy OK.

Two people addressed the problem of stopping lpr printing files it had
J.Greely<> supplied a source fix for lpr.
I'll pass this on to anyone interested. also offered a similar fix.

Thanks to all who replied.


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