SUMMARY: out of dblks

Date: Wed May 29 1991 - 14:15:24 CDT

My problem:

> Date: Sun, 26 May 91 17:37:48 EST
> Problem: after rebooting yesterday evening (due to planned power
> upgrades) everything worked fine for several hours. Then the server
> apparently crashed. Rebooting this afternoon everything appears ok,
> except we have these messages coming to the console. From
> /var/adm/messages I include:
> May 25 22:40:55 gauss vmunix: out<3>xdballoc: out of dblks
> May 25 22:40:55 gauss vmunix: put_echo_<3>xdballoc: out of dblks
> May 25 22:40:55 gauss vmunix: of <3>xdballoc: out of dblks
> May 25 22:40:55 gauss vmunix: blocks

  [stuff deleted]

There were only a few responses, but thanks for each one! Everyone
told me I should have said which OS version I am running. My
apologies. It is 4.1. Anyway, there is a patch #100255-02 which I am
getting and will try. (Thanks to (John P. Linderman)).

If anyone is interested in the other responses, send mail and I will
forward them to you.

Thanks also to: (Greg Christy)
sundev!ronin! (Kevin Sheehan) (Hal Stern - Consultant)


Steve Holmes purdue!sjh
Systems Administrator
Dept. of Mathematics (317) 494-6055
Purdue University, W. Lafayette, Indiana 47907

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